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Buying and Selling During the Holidays

It can be hard to time the real estate market, but if you are getting ready to buy or sell during the holiday season, here are a few things to consider during the process. Buying a Home During the Holidays…

Published 5 months ago

Questions to Ask Your Home Mortgage Lender

If you are searching for a home, one of the first people you will talk to is a lender. The loan officer is the representative who will work with you to secure the loan for your home purchase, called a…

Published 5 months ago

Spruce Up Your Home in the Winter

Winter is coming! If you are in most parts of the United States, it’s already here. Check out this list of ways to keep your home looking its best during the coldest part of the year. Take Care of Maintenance…

Published 5 months ago

Using a Real Estate Agent to Rent a Home

Real estate agents are often associated with buying or selling a home. They are certainly great people to have on your team in these situations. But did you know that you can also use a real estate agent when you…

Published 5 months ago

What You Need to Know about Property Taxes

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned purchaser, you will still need to learn and understand your property taxes.   Property Taxes Included in Mortgage Most mortgages have property taxes included in the monthly payment. The payment…

Published 6 months ago

Why You Need to Know Your Property Lines

Understanding your property is an important step to being a responsible homeowner. This helps you know which parts of the lawn are your responsibility, makes filing an insurance claims in the future easier, and can contribute to a sense of…

Published 6 months ago

What Does “In Escrow” Mean?

The term “in escrow” is one that is often heard during real estate transactions. When you buy a home or property, once your offer is accepted but before the transaction is actually completed, you are “in escrow.” This is a…

Published 6 months ago
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