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How Do I Apply for a Mortgage?

Once you start the homebuying process, it can seem like an endless stream of paperwork to get to closing. Fortunately, there are plenty of people to help keep things clear along the way. Your real estate agent, loan officer, and…

Published 9 months ago

What Areas are “Hot” in Real Estate?

Going into 2022, many potential home buyers and real estate investors are watching certain cities to find the best buys. Many factors impact housing prices, including job creation and growth in the area, population growth, and others. Some areas grow…

Published 9 months ago

Increasing Your Home’s Value with an Addition

Updating or renovating your house is a great way to add value to your home. Projects can range from small things you can DIY in one weekend, such as painting a room or adding a backsplash. Other projects may need…

Published 10 months ago

How to Save for a Mortgage Down Payment

If home ownership is still a distant dream for you, don’t worry and don’t give up. Saving money for a down payment is often one of the hardest steps. Depending on the type of mortgage you plan to use, a…

Published 10 months ago
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